How To Smoke A Perfect Turkey


Big Stick Pulled Pork

Published out of order, here is my pulled pork video. I give away a couple trade secrets!

(Please excuse the cameraman. She was still figuring out how to use her camera. I mean HIS. His camera.)

Ribs–Don’t Miss This

Here’s my video on smoking a perfect rack of ribs:

Big Stick Brisket: A Tutorial

running man

History seems to be cyclical. 12 years ago, about this time of years I found myself unemployed. The circumstances are the same with one exception, yesterday my spirit was so impressed by God while I was running on the tread mill and praying, that I would say God spoke to me. What did He say, you might ask. He said, “You will be fired today”… finished my work out, showered and went to work, where I was fired upon entering the office.

Just between you and me I could get used to this “knowing what is going to happen” thing. I was braced, although very upset about the way it happened and the inability of business owners to “own” their decisions (more about that in coming post), I was emotionally ready to be fired. Do I know what I am going to do for work today, NO! I am thinking about returning to the gym and getting on the same treadmill and running at the same rate and see if I can get any leads. No, that is superstition.

I do know that the God that so graciously prepared me for yesterday is the same God that holds today & tomorrow and that I can go forward knowing that HE WILL PROVIDE.

Future post will be on a much more business theme, if anything this experience has re-ignited my desire to
finish the thoughts about management that began twelve years ago about this time of year, under similar circumstances. As for today, I will start the next step in my journey, knowing that I am being led and with full confidence of the future, even if I don’t get any advance notification.

The Bread Basket

New for Christmas 2010, The Bread Basket, $90



We didn’t have a loaf of french bread on hand, so Linda is using it for a centerpiece for now, but this is a beautiful tray made from a wine barrel.  The deep red color is from the wine this particular barrel held and aged.


Use it to serve bread, cheese, fruit, or just put out as a centerpiece.  I’m really happy with how this turned out.


I have one made, and can still have more done in time for Christmas gifts.  Give me a call, send me an email, or facebook me!

Old Barrels…New gifts


Inverted large five light votive


Over arc seven light


Wine barrel top lazy susan


French and American barrels


one of ten barrel tops and bottoms waiting to realize it’s potential


large five light



If you would like to add one these items to your gift list or know someone who would, please direct them to the

” Big  Stick Santa Express” or contact me at